Winter Warmer

Cut. Colour. Style.

Off the window of a hair saloon.

I’d take Winter in for a treatment if a could.

A snip here. A snip there. Edit the reel of her moody day.

Dye the dreary sky. Lengthen the fringe of sunlight.

Blow the wet wintry fingers dry. Rinse colour into all that white.

But amid the chapped lips and chattering teeth. The icy rain dampness now creeping up my feet!…I opted to be an optimist.

In a bid to my day I went on a quest to discover a figurative winter warmer. You know. The spark. The up. The “Win” in Winter’s cold cold day.

Winter was very cooperative. In  her excitement at approaching the masses to reconstruct a rather poor public image she unfolded her frozen tentacles to reveal a stirring sunset.

What a trooper

Winter sunset
Mount Eden Skyline


© Jill Roche, 2014
Image by Jill Roche

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