Street Song

homeless-person2Photo from

I hear it

The cries of preaching from across the street

The quick movement of experienced feet

The old bibles rustling amid visitors and vice

The Gospel shared, challenged, the sifting of truth and lies

I see it

The shaking addict aching to be touched

The busy crowds and apathetic glances as they brush silently past

The lost dreams and dry hopes

The many holding on to the end of their ropes

The street is a teacher like no other

Whispering it’s ask if I really could love my brother

The luckless, the jaded, the wily, the faded

The many, for some, who blend into one

Society’s underbelly, the multifaceted street ‘bum’

My heart recalls the rebuff and mocking

Those who found the conviction shocking

The ones who preyed on any kindness

Who responded with mind numbing harshness 

But on those restless days

When I wish to just go my way

My mind whispers echoes of those past

Whose lives made their mark last

Who loved with the little they had

Who thanked for the smallest gift shared

And in the conflict of today

His voice I hear in the fray

“Love” For the sake of loving

“Care” The results notwithstanding

Understand that despite the violence and threats

Theirs are hearts in pain and unrest

A reminder that should my prejudice rear its ugly head

It brings to light who I am instead

Homeless                   Photo from the

© Jill Roche, 2014

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