Rapture in Ruin

IMG_3411 Pictures at Ponsonby

There’s beauty behind broken construct
There’s dazzle despite destruct
There’s light in a darkened corner
There’s peace after plunder

There’s new at the end of an old
There’s warmth beyond the cold
There’s fine print in the falter
There’s laughter when you’re out of kilter

There’s music in the madness
There’s coffee in any sadness
There’s a leap to every drop
There’s a full to every stop

There’s a rose in your thornbush
There’s a prize in the persistent push
There’s a breath in the tired stay
There’s a hope as I pray

There’s a friend at every border
There’s perfume in pungent disorder
There’s calm in a new directive
There’s poetry in perspective

© Jill Roche, 2014
Images by Jill Roche

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