Do I

Christ Church, Russell, Bay of Islands

do I pray for love or to love
for the get or to give
tracing a blueprint from above
or roaming the relationship I received

do I pray with a fervour for more
then lament with the less
do I pray for an instant cure
then pause in the melancholy mess

do I pray believing He hears
or find comfort in a ritualistic crutch
do I pray despite the fears
and run when faith requires too much

do I pray free from restriction
or in pretty prose and petty prejudice
do I pray with a revelation or religion
questions unanswered like a faith apprentice

I pray from the Light
that brought me to You
a magnitude of great might
beyond my tangible point of view

I pray to the God
who loved the prostitute and adulteress,
who corrected and did not accuse
who hurt at frailty, fallibility and weakness

i pray to the Man
who invites me to question, embracing my humanity
who constantly alters my perception
and challenges my rudimentary reality

i pray to the Jesus
who awakened new fight against every fiery dart
who guided me through consuming waters
with the prayer-dialogue that changes my heart


© Jill Roche, 2014
Images by Jill Roche

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